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Floating Platform & House

  • Floating boat house
  • Floating boat house
Floating boat houseFloating boat house

Floating boat house

  • Floating boat house
  • Floating boat house
  • Water platform landscape floating platform
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Water house
Floating boat house

creative thinking people generally think of house land, form a beautiful garden. Here is the main tourist areas have combined resources and abundant water resources, water will break the normal procedure of thinking, house planting in water, can form a free water on the housing, and combined with the unique water corridor landscape, let visitors feel surprise and accident.
[design] Gallery, water garden, water on the water wedding Cafe boutique
Water: water on the housing housing is located along the shore of the lake or the middle part of the building, extending to the water to form a water house, water housing mainly provides visitors to viewing and shopping and leisure, special landscape landscape design and art appreciation, will go on vacation together, to meet the different needs of tourists.
Core ideas: relying on a good ecological environment and relatively independent space position, to create the theme of accommodation, catering, leisure, entertainment as one of the theme of tourism holiday products

Floating on water floating house design according to the design. In China classical landscape architecture as the main body, and the integration of architectural elements in architectural style and building materials.




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