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Guangzhou City Heng Bridge Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd. to provide the marina, pontoon landscape, water service engineering a series of pre construction projects to our customers the best start. When we are involved in the early stage, we can use our experience to identify and solve potential construction problems, so as to prevent problems arising from in the construction process of the bridge. The constant marine construction services to help establish the design criteria, to ensure timely completion of the project. Through the concept or feasibility study stage closely with customers and engineers, hengqiao marine can provide the required project planning, design and engineering services and the definition of the price of the item. The constant sea bridge work The services include pre construction, calculation and evaluation of wind and wave climate and to determine the initial structure, to determine the approximate pile size, type, length and position of the terminal system design, form the analysis of financial engineering necessary definition and the price of the item.

Hengoiao marine provides a full range of general contracting and construction management services. These services include new construction, expansion, renovation of the electronics industry. Intimate knowledge of the architecture of the company's terminal experience to provide key pre construction planning and management service. Plans and specifications with the owners and engineers work together, we provide high quality products. The contract usually includes extended maintenance and warranty agreement. We will continue to provide quality service to ensure that in our commitment to your product. Keep up with the project, until all the responsibilities are completed. Support customers through multiple stage projects, not to plan. Can help you through all stages of growth we can easily. In response to your needs, we can access any work items that may be required to pay attention on the basis of the need or regular inspection.

Leading yacht wharf design and builder, our unique position to meet your demand. We will continue to strive to improve product certification. Where our customers, regardless of their world project is the same level of quality and service will be delivered.


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