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Design and Fabrication

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Sailboat port, yacht marina, yacht club and waterfront development project need all aspects of careful planning, complete and scientific argumentation and extremely humanized, forward-looking design idea. For the development projects to be developed, the services include: feasibility study, planning consulting, conceptual design, engineering design, wharf engineering, careful design of the whole process of participation, we will be in the conception of the perfect presentation of water engineering works, Be the best consultant, designer and partner to help our clients complete the whole project.

[计] feasibility study

Provide detailed research and analysis, let our development unit and government, clear the overall project good and bad judgment, development and construction of market and social benefits, for the development of the project to lay a good foundation, so as to maximize the chances of success.

1. Site assessment: analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the project site in terms of geography, transportation, meteorology, hydrology, geology, environment and other factors in the project development area. Integrate data information to evaluate the feasibility of the project.

2. Market analysis: make clear the network layout of yachts in the area, analyze the management mode, evaluate the scale of the project development, research the project investment estimate and economic benefit return, as well as the social benefit.

Planning consultation

Based on the characteristics of each project to be developed, this paper makes a comprehensive analysis of the whole project, customizes the consistent sustainable strategic goal, and establishes the project characteristics, which is regarded as the guideline of development and construction.

1. Market positioning: clear target market, accurate positioning, planning suitable for the characteristics of the project business model.

2. Strategic planning: planning development strategies suitable to the project's own conditions and establishing appropriate development plans.

3. Operational analysis: optimize development by stages, predict initial investment, calculate return on investment, and provide reasonable advice.

[计] conceptual design

As an independent yacht wharf, yacht club, sailing port, waterfront and yacht club, combined with tourism landscape resources, the integrated waterfront development project, we will provide professional and comprehensive design services, including the overall planning design, architectural design, and professional wharf project construction design.

1. Yacht wharf: yacht wharf, tourist wharf, exclusive wharf, sailing wharf, racing wharf and other floating wharf design, as well as the design of dock facilities.

2. Yacht Club: the overall design of the waterfront area, including wharf, clubhouse, commercial and recreational building, yacht sales showroom, maintenance, dry warehouse, launching ramp, yacht crane, breakwater and gas station, sewage and oil recovery, etc.

3. Waterfront development: club, marina, yacht resort, water leisure residence, real estate integrated waterfront development planning design, architectural design.

[计] ED

We cooperate with qualified hydraulic engineering design institute, through their own professional and technical advantages, to provide yacht marina, yacht club, integrated waterfront development project construction drawing design services.

1. Through digital simulation, measurement, wave height, wavelength, wave period, sediment scour and silt, water body renewal, and so on, and provides the corresponding technical solution.

2. In order to provide technical guarantee for reasonable construction, reduce cost, ensure yacht harbor and channel meet the requirements of berthing and navigation, and protect natural resources to the maximum extent.

3 . Construction drawing of floating dock : dock pontoon and related supporting equipment ( pile , mooring pile , intelligent hydroelectric box , fire box , safety ladder , garbage can , wireless network equipment , etc . )

4. Construction drawings of water buildings: breakwaters, bank protection, positioning piles, gantry crane platforms, water ramps, sewage oil recovery stations, gas stations, navigation lighthouses, etc.

Wharf engineering

According to the conditions of water, hydrology, geology, meteorology, environment and so on, we will advise our customers to adopt the appropriate type of wharf products, and introduce our partners and suppliers of wharf engineering to our customers. Provide effective cost control advice and technical support during the construction phase of the terminal and related facilities. Based on the unity and integrity of the design and engineering continuity of the wharf, Heng Qiao Marine Engineering often forms a strategic partnership with famous wharf engineering companies at home and abroad to provide a highly competitive wharf integration scheme in accordance with international standards. According to the customer's request, the design service and the wharf project are closely integrated.


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