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The construction of Hengqiao Yacht Wharf will start a new journey in 2023

"Open" the wealth of the four seas, "Zhang" the happiness of the people, "Big" the industry of all directions, "lucky" the industry of all generations! On this wonderful day of commencement, I would like to send my sincere wishes and wish everything goes well and business is prosperous!

Guangzhou Hengqiao Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise service company engaged in the design, construction, installation and upgrading of yacht wharves, pontoons, yacht wharves and water engineering. The company has aluminum structure and steel structure production and processing base, and professional construction team, which can be constructed in all waters of the country. He has cooperated with Tencent, Wuhan University, Vanke, Langqi Yacht Club and other enterprises. Hengqiao Offshore Engineering has established the company's quality management system, and its products have passed the | S09001-2015 quality management system certification, which conforms to the industry norms and standards of Europe and the United States and other countries.



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